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Tire News Tidbits Part 2 – Tires for Auto’s

on Fri, 09/23/2016 - 12:34

Last week I wrote about attending the International Tire Exhibition and Conference (ITEC) in Akron, OH.  I expressed my growing fascination with tires and all that goes into the making of a tire.  In this article I’d like to address a big picture answer to the question of what would be the best tires for a Chrysler PT Cruiser vehicle.

Once again I reviewed the material I gathered at ITEC and spoke with my brother, Jeff, who has over 40 years experience in selling tires. Regarding treads, sipping is what you need to consider when purchasing an all-weather vehicle. In Arizona or areas where there isn’t much ice, rain or snow sipping isn’t as important. Any more most tires are made for all-weather.  Sipping refers to the thin slits cut across the tire. The more slits the better the traction for icy, wet or snowy roads.

Jeff recommends Cooper tires because they are made in the USA, are dependable and reasonably priced.  If you reside in the tri-county area of Michigan you can go to Allstate Tires located at 14208 E Nine Mile Road, Warren, MI 48089 and ask for Jeff to set you up with a good set of tires. 

If you have a BSEE or BSME your next career move could be that of a Tire Development Engineer that develops finite element tire models with different groove and tread patterns.  Just go to Indeed or Linkedin and check out the engineering jobs for different tire companies. 

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