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20 Things Learned from My 20 Years Working in Corporate America

on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 13:42

1.     Become known as a problem solver. Deliver the hard work, slacking will not get you anywhere. Replace, “I’ll do my best” with “I’ll take care of it” or “I’ll handle it” or “You can count on me”.  Make sure as many people as possible, in addition to your boss, knows you are a problem solver. Let those that might be your boss in the future know you are a problem solver.

2.     Moving sideways can help you climb the corporate ladder.  When it comes to hireability Breadth of knowledge, experience and skills trumps depth.

Health Benefits and Your Job Offer

on Sun, 09/21/2014 - 18:51

Back in the early 1990’s when I was a relative newcomer to the recruiting and staffing world the candidates were far more interested in what their salary offer would be than caring about what the company benefits were. Today that mindset has changed significantly thanks to the cost of healthcare. While salary will always play a key component in the job offer, future employees would be wise to consider what kind of health coverage their employer will be offering.

Internal Salary Negotiation

on Sun, 07/21/2013 - 00:04

As you reach for the next rung on the corporate ladder you’ll have a better grip by knowing how to effectively negotiate your internal salary. 

The wrong way: If you are applying for a position internally do not ask the person that is already performing the job you want to have how much they are being paid.  Somehow word gets around when people begin discussing their salaries and the end result is never pretty.

Six Salary Strategies

on Mon, 06/18/2012 - 02:13

ONE  Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket

Options give us power, especially if those options are viable.  Have other companies where you feel you can get an offer.  If you are an internal candidate have other departments you can apply to. In an ideal situation you will have other contacts or position openings you can refer to in case the position you are negotiating an offer for falls through.  The best way to have other options available is to constantly be building a network of positions and companies that you can reach out to when you are ready to make your best move.